An Intro to Escape Games

Real life escape games are usually set in a single room decorated to match a theme, such as a mad scientist's laboratory or an Egyptian tomb. When you start the game you explore the room and will almost certainly find a number of padlocked drawers or containers just begging to be opened. Clues on how to do this will be somewhere within the room. Perhaps some obvious, some less so. There is an enormous variety in the nature of the clues you are likely to find, both from padlock to padlock and from game to game. This is what makes Escape Games interesting, challenging and fun - and each one different.

For example you may find an ultraviolet torch which makes the combination to one of the padlocks visible when you shine it on the wall, or have to solve an anagram to open a padlock where the combination is made up of letters. (Those are simple examples. Some of the clues can be very imaginative). Inside the containers you unlock you find different clues or objects to use to open the next ones... and so on until you can finally unlock the door to escape or achieve the theme of the room.

In short there are puzzles to solve and mini games to play within each Escape Game and you usually have one hour to complete them all. Escape Games are fun to play for everyone, young and old, and there is an enormous feeling of satisfaction every time you open a lock and an even greater one when you succeed in escaping or fulfilling the quest. This also makes them highly addictive. We guarantee that when you've played one you'll immediately be looking for others to play!

 Our CSI Murder Mystery  adds an extra level. As well as opening all the boxes you have to solve the murder to succeed. Inside each box there are cards describing the suspects, their alibis, eye witness reports, forensic evidence and the Pathologist's report. If only you could see the grins on the faces of those that have got it right! You'd want what they are on. Well, book now and you can have it!

 Our Escape from the Future  game is more traditional but adds the daft paradoxes that time travel can bring. A must for Dr Who fans! Just don't meet an older or younger you or become your own Mother or Father!

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