About Ultimate Escape Game Rooms

New to Escape Games? Wondering if they are right for you? Here is a short explanation of what they are all about and why they are so popular throughout the world.

Escape Games started as online computer games and quickly became extremely popular. The excitement being in trying to solve all the puzzles while the clock is relentlessly ticking your time away. If you don't make it out of the room in time you die!

When Escape Games appeared in real Escape Rooms they became even more popular and have now spread all around the World. Nobody dies in a real Escape Game of course, and you don't always have to get out of the room to 'escape'. Often success is measured by completing the theme of the room instead, but the idea is the same. You still have to solve the puzzles against the clock!

To give you an idea of the sort of puzzles to expect here are some simple examples. You might find numbers with coloured backgrounds in various places around the room and wonder what they mean, until you discover a padlock where each number of the combination is on a different coloured ring. Now they make sense!
Or you might find a 4 digit padlock with the combination marked with a heart, spade, diamond and a club. If you find playing cards in the room which are say, the 7 of Hearts, 4 of Spades, 6 of Diamonds and 2 of Clubs they give you the solution.
Or you might find an ultra violet torch which lights up the combination to a padlock if you shine it in the right place!

Those are just simple examples. Another beauty of Escape Games is that the puzzles and the Escape Rooms themselves are all different, which gives an enormous amount of variety. When you get addicted you can travel the country - or even the world - playing as many as you can find. Just be wary of Escape Games that are franchises. The owners might change the names, but these are all copies of the same games, bought by people wanting to set up their Escape Rooms quickly or not able to create their own. You could easily find yourself playing the same game, albeit under a different name, with the same clues which is a waste of time and money as you already know the answers!

Ultimate Escape runs the only original, non-franchised Escape Games in North Wales. When booking our games you are guaranteed not to have played them before, or if it is your first game and you want to play others you won't find them again anywhere else. Being original has also allowed us to look at standard Escape Games and add extra features to make our games more interesting and exciting.

 Our CSI Murder Mystery  adds an extra level. As well as opening all the boxes you have to solve the murder to succeed. Inside each box there are cards describing the suspects, their alibis, eye witness reports, forensic evidence and the Pathologist's report. If only you could see the grins on the faces of those that have got it right! You'd want what they are on. Well, book now and you can have it!

 Our Escape from the Future  game is more traditional but adds the daft paradoxes that time travel can bring. A must for Dr Who fans! Just don't meet an older or younger you or become your own Mother or Father!

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