Ultimate Escape FAQs

Not sure about booking Ultimate Escape Game Rooms? Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions or contact us if your query is not covered.

What are Escape Games?

Escape games originated online and soon became extremely popular worldwide. The idea was to discover and solve a sequence of clues which would eventually lead to your escape from a virtual room. This has become even more popular now it has extended into the real world where you work as a team to solve the clues. We have taken this several stages further where the aim is not simply to escape, but to reach a themed goal, such as solve a murder or unravel the paradoxes of time travel. We have even added role play into our CSI Murder Mystery game to make it even more challenging and fun!

Why Escape Games?

Escape games are fun and give a great sense of achievement - if you succeed! They are good for any occasion, and ideal for team building exercises as they require working together as a team. An efficient team can collect and collate information, identify the clues and solve the puzzle. An inefficient team just confuse and hinder each other! How will your team do?

Can I bring an extra player on the day?

Yes. Extra Players can pay £22.00 + VAT each to join a team on the day - as long as there is space in the room!

When should we arrive?

You should aim to arrive approximately 10 minutes before your allotted time to allow time for us to brief you on your objectives.

Is there a minimum age?

Not really. There is no physical reason that would stop children of any age from participating, but the puzzles may be a little demanding for younger children. Although this is a dificult one. Sometimes children can be the only ones able to open child proof locks. You know your kids, so we leave it up to your discretion!

Are the games suitable for pregnant women?

We have had many pregnant women playing our games. There is nothing strenuous to be done in any room, but Escape Games can require you to be on your feet for an hour. A chair can be provided if this becomes a problem. The CSI Murder Mystery would probably be better for a heavily pregnant woman as there is generally less rushing about required in that game.

Are there any restrictions?

Smoking or alcohol are not allowed in the rooms. Taking pictures or videos is strictly forbidden. Do not reveal the tricks or solutions to your friends or the public. You've heard of spoiler alert!

Can I cancel or reschedule?

A full refund will be made if you cancel, or you can reschedule if you can give 7 days notice prior to your booked time. We cannot accept cancellations or offer any refunds within 7 days.

Do you have disabled facilities?

Unfortunately no. All rooms are on the second floor which means there are stairs to climb.

Am I risking anything by paying in full?

No. If you have to cancel more than 7 days prior to your booking a full refund will be made. If you cancel within 7 days 50% of the monies paid will be refunded. This works out exactly the same as if you had only paid a deposit.

What if we are late?

Don't be! No refunds can be given for lateness or no-shows as it is entirely your responsibility to be here at your allotted time. You have booked a specific time slot and cannot overrun as others will be following behind you. If you are just a little late you may still be able to attempt the quest with less time to complete it, but if this is not viable you will forfeit your deposit.

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