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Ultimate Escape Game Rooms have extra features not usually found in Escape Games to make them even more fun,
exciting and rewarding. Book an enhanced experience now!

We are based in Llandudno, North Wales.

CSI Murder Mystery

DCI Bodgit and his overworked sidekick Sergeant Leggit (who prior to joining the police force had a building firm together called Bodgit and Leggit) are faced with a particularly puzzling murder case.

You and your team must take on the roles of DCI Bodgit and his/her faithful and Sergeant Leggit. Work as one team or optionally split into sub-teams to take on the roles of DCI Bodgit, Sergeant Leggit, Pathologist and Forensics expert.

Can you discover the clues which will lead you to the suspects and their alibis?

Can you solve the puzzles needed to get witness statements that will confirm or destroy their alibis?

Will the forensics evidence place the guilty at the scene of the crime and rule out the innocent?

Can you solve the murder? Why not book now and find out!

Escape from the Future

One day your crazy friend, Prof. Iterole (the Mad Professor), announces that he has invented a time machine and asks you to take it for a test drive. Like a fool you agree! What were you thinking? You should have known what was about to happen...

Your quest is to get back to your own time. After all, your dinner is nearly ready. Or was nearly ready. Or will be nearly ready. You have to discover what went wrong with the time machine (well something had to, didn't it?) in order to find out what time you are in now (or to be more precise, exactly what time now is) and get back to your own time in time for dinner.

This is another innovative Ultimate Escape Game Room, with the emphasis on fun. All the tasks are fun and amusing, or sometimes just funny, as well as being challenging. It also includes an awesome feature that gives you an amazing experience to make your quest even more enjoyable and memorable.

Don't worry, you won't be required to become your own Mother or Father, but you will be required to have fun!

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