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Escape from the Future

Not only is 'Escape from the Future' an exciting, fun and challenging Escape Game it also includes an amazing experience that you wouldn't expect in an Escape Game.

Although it isn't a computer game the feature has levels just like one, and there's only time for a few levels in the full game. So we offer the opportunity for any team that gets addicted to return to play the feature on its own. See how far you can get! Play to see if your team can meet the challenge - and as a bonus, if you get all the way there is a reward of £500!

Returning to try for the reward is optional, of course. You can play it as a normal escape game and just enjoy the experience once, if you like!

There are only a few rules:-

  • The full Escape Game must be played first to qualify for an attempt at the reward.
  • You don't even have to succeed in escaping to qualify, just as long as you get far enough to reach the feature. You have to meet it before you can beat it!
  • Once the full qualifying Escape Game has been played you can return as many times as you like to enjoy the experience and try for the reward.
  • Any individual team member can only share in the reward once. If a team contains any member that has previously shared in the reward that team will not be eligible for the reward.
  • Attempts at the reward must be paid for at the full rate. They cannot be mixed with any other discounts or incentive schemes, such as Escape Game discount cards.

Click or tap on the 'Book' padlock and book your 'Escape from the Future' qualifying game now. We look forward to seeing you!

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