Ultimate Escape

Escape Games in North Wales' largest and most popular seaside resort. Exciting challenges in Llandudno for families, friends or company team building.

You are shut in a room and have to work as a team against the clock to unravel the mysteries and solve the clues and puzzles in order to escape. You have 60 minutes. Can you do it?

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CSI Murder Mystery

Our  CSI Murder Mystery  escape room has that special Ultimate Escape twist which makes it perfect for new players and seasoned Escapees alike. Discover the clues which lead you to the suspects and their alibis. Solve the puzzles that give you witness statements to confirm or destroy their alibis and forensic evidence to put them at the scene of the crime or rule them out of your enquiries. Identify the murderer in order to escape! Can you do it?

This escape game has received high critical acclaim. One blogger with over 100 Escape Games under their belt said in their blog, 'A genuinely original game which threw up one of the most interesting tasks I’ve ever seen in an Escape Room'.

Escape from the Future

  Escape from the Future  is a challenging Escape Game, but with the emphasis on fun. All the challenges are funny, fun and amusing to do as well as being challenging. Now, thanks to an awesome new feature, it also includes an amazing experience to make this the most exciting and memorable Escape Room in North Wales and the whole of the UK. You won't want the experience to end!


2 Players £40 (£20 each)
3 Players £57 (£19 each)
4 Players £72 (£18 each)
5 Players £85 (£17 each)
6 Players £96 (£16 each)

Both rooms have a maximum of 6 players.

Contact us for our Special Deals for larger numbers on corporate team building events - or large families - or lots of friends! We've already had loads of experience in splitting larger parties between the two rooms and can offer a great deal.

We are not called Ultimate Escape for nothing! All these innovations make our games a must for any of the army of Escape Game enthusiasts. If you know one why not buy them a  Gift Token  to brighten up their day?
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Ultimate Escape Games are great for:

Family or Friends | Reunions | Stag/Hen Parties | Birthday Parties | Tourism | Team Building Events | Just for Fun
  As an Unusual and Thoughtful Gift 
(You buy the token - they decide when to play)

Easy to get to and easy to find.

We are located in Llandudno, North Wales' largest and most popular seaside resort, easily accessible via the A55 North Wales Expressway from the Midlands and beyond. Easy to find when you get here as we are just off the main thoroughfare into Llandudno with plenty of free parking opposite. Or we are 5 minutes walk from Llandudno Coach Station, or just 2 minutes walk from Llandudno Train Station and the bus stops around it.

Why not come and make a day of it? Enjoy one of our Escape Games in the morning, another in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day at the seaside!

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6 Players : £115.20 (£16 each + VAT)

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